Antenna Accessories
No antennas without the matching accessories! You will find useful antenna accessories on this page.
UB 6-9 Switching Box
HPRL High Power Ceramics Relais
Switching Box UB 6-9
Switching between a symmetric feed line and two symmetric antennas.
UB 6-9
Required power: 12V
Power handling: 3kW PEP
Weight: 0.5kg (1.1lb.)
Ceramics power relais HPRL used
The relais is built in ceramic technique and is equipped with highly resilient contacts which are - due to their extremely low transition resistance (< 50mOhm) - particularly suitable not only for high transmit power but also for receiving. It is switched with 12V DC (100mA). Power handling 5kW.
High Power Ceramics Relais HPRL
It is particularly suitable for the following applications:
Switching from an antenna line feed onto two different antennas
    symmetrical feed line (chicken-ladder) 50 Ohm to 800 Ohm
    coaxial feeding line (coax cable) 50 Ohm to 125 Ohm
Switching of two antenna feed lines (coaxial or symmetrical) onto an antenna output of a transmitter/receiver
Transmit-/Receive-Relais in the antenna output circuit of a high power linear amplifier
Switch-Over-Relais for alternating, combined LC-networks of multi-band-antennas
Short-Circuit-Relais for frequency shift directly at the antenna (e.g. switching between 80m CW/Phone)
Switch-Relais in tuning boxes/couplers
Switching of resistors at antennas like Rhombus-antennas

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